About Us

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Regina Company was established by Mr. Montasser Abu Ghali in 1986 to locally produce high quality pasta. Our factory began operations in Sadat City in 1988, producing pasta from first standard semolina. Initially, we introduce our products under the brand name "Masreya".

However, due to intense competition, Masreya did not yield optimum returns considering the magnitude of investment. Therefore, in 1994, the brand name Masreya was halted.

During that period, specifically, in 1992, Regina Company signed a contract with an American company so as to carry out the packaging process for its foreign product under the name "Lorenty".

However, in 1993, an amazing turnaround occurred in the history of Regina Company by launching a new locally produced brand, Regina, with high quality packaging and design, which has later grown to become the market leader.

In 2000, El Masreya brand was re-launched in the market to compete with other lower price brands. In less than a year, El Masreya was able to establish a solid position in the local pasta market. Given the importance of the lower income consumer segment, our company has catered a new brand name; star, to that consumer group. Star was launched in May 2005. As for the youngest member in the Regina family, we have introduced Regina Tomato Paste to the Egyptian market in July 2006.

Our initial market research results show consumer satisfaction and optimism in capturing a fair market share vis-à-vis market leaders. 
Delicia, El King, Victoria were produced later.